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  • /hɪz/, /hIz/
  • Rhymes with: -ɪz


  1. In the context of "attributive": Belonging to him.
    This is his book.


attributive: belonging to him
  • Albanian: tij
  • Breton: e
  • Catalan: seu
  • Croatian: svoj
  • Czech: jeho
  • Dutch: zijn
  • Esperanto: lia
  • Finnish: hänen (genitive of hän) + -nsa (with back vowel harmony) / -nsä (with front vowel harmony) (possessive suffix)
    Note: In standard Finnish, both the possessive suffix and the genitive of the personal pronoun are compulsory. In colloquial Finnish, usually only hänen is used.
  • French: son, sa, ses
    Note: In French, the gender of this adjective agrees with the thing owned, not with the owner.
  • German: sein /, seine , seine (pl.)
  • Greek: του (tou)
  • Hebrew: שלו (shello)
  • Hungarian: az ő -ja/-je
  • Irish: a
  • Italian: suo, sua, suoi, sue
    Note: In Italian, the gender of this adjective agrees with the thing owned, not with the owner.
  • Japanese: 彼の
  • Korean: 그의 (geu ui)
  • Lower Sorbian: jogo
  • Maltese: tiegħu, tagħhom
  • Norwegian: hans
  • Polish: jego
  • Portuguese: seu
  • Russian: его (jevó)
  • Scottish Gaelic: a
  • Slovak: jeho
  • Slovene: svoj
  • Spanish: su
  • Swedish: hans
  • Upper Sorbian: jeho


  1. That which belongs to him; the possessive case of he, used without a following noun.
    The decision was his to live with.


that which belongs to him

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  • [xɪ̀s]


  1. pus

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